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[Should I worry about how I dress? I’m 23, am I still to dress all colourful? Who said gay means joyful dressing and D&G accessories? I’m tiiiiiired.]


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Even dead boy gets low sometimes.

I’d like to eat something. Ogni tanto anche io sono triste… more than sometimes, indeed, but it would be enough if you noticed it just sometimes. Can’t always be strong, sorry.
What am I gonna do tomorrow? Time will tickle as it always does. Do this at 6 am, do that at 9 o’ clock, do it at 3 in the afternoon. Noon: my life is in a spoon. A runaway through the spoon, and I’m castaway around the moon. When a year passes, a petal’s crumbling down. What a disaster in that spoon. Will you eat it anyway?

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Sinking now (窓を開けて見上げれば) / Hachiko here.

Giving up would make it all worse. [I’m sinking now. Sinking now. Sinking now.]
When you discover that you have found a balance, you begin fearing to lose it. So your balance is lost. Sit by the window and look at what has made you the way you are. I can think about how many in the world know me the way I am. I can think about the way I am. But can’t know the way I am.
I am so similar to Hachi. I lose my balance. With friends. With mine. Ending up being not myself? Ending up wondering whether I am myself or not. Will this fighting ever stop?

October 13, 2007 at 7:30 pm 1 comment

Sveltine da igiene orale

Tutto è racchiuso nel frenetico gesto di lavare i denti velocemente, nell’acqua che scorre bagnandosi di calcare mentre il dentifricio s’accalca sui bordi delle gengive.
C’è, nel riporre lo spazzolino in un piccolo Tupperware, nella noncuranza con cui lo facciamo, la frenesia della nostra era.
Nel non pensare che in fondo non serve a nulla; ed è poi quando siamo costretti a riposare, quando l’emicrania ci riempie il cranio, che ci permettiamo il lusso di riflettere – con scarsi, spesso nulli risultati dovuti all’ormai quasi totale perdita di lucidità. Non siamo più capaci di intendere. Non sono più capace di intendere. Posso solo volere… e questa ambizione priva di motore è la nostra miseria.
Eppure la mia idea del mondo non è mai così univoca… «e miracolosamente non ho smesso di sognare».

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Scream of unconsciousness

Hail to the thief. Encantado. I’m sitting at the edge and what’s underneath my feet looks so heavy. For any single atom down there is calling for peace of my sensation. So I look up. Look up and down yonder. See trees and biscuits. Chocolate and aeroplanes: the concrete and the wish. Make a wish: 飛び. This is the beginning of my thought, but you can consider it my advice not to listen to my stream of consciousness.

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