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It has just arrived, again: the month which closes something usually funny, sunny, free. As for me, September often closes something sunny free. Last year it was quiet fine: went to a lot of concerts, with my best friend who was, for me, someone whom I’d have hardly imagined my life without, after all of those experiences. Instead, I’ve just spent a whole summer without him. But let’s put this in brackets: I was talking about this September. It awakens new drops-into-depression. And it narcotizes the will to go out, hang out. It makes my General Linguistics exam closer, though soothing the will to study.

September always makes changes. It passes calm: you’ll hardly realize it’s already October, when October comes, but September will have changed your perception of time, making you just a year older. I just hope to achieve a better average mood, during this year. And come to the next summer less anxious and more capable to enjoy that summer-something I just touched for a few times, but never fully lived.


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