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May 25, 2008 at 11:06 pm 1 comment

Throughout these years, TG1 (Rai Uno news) and newscasts in general have become a regime bulletin, a tool in the hands of our governments. A way to re-write history.
But the situation has now become totally absurd. Some of the craps I heard from TG1 lately:
– There’s no “garbage emergency” in Neaples. ( 😐 )
– Nuclear energy respects the environment.
Are we really stupid or do they make us stupid?
A journalist would make an enquiry about the risks in bringing back nuke to Italy. A journalist would remind the Italian people that they have chosen not to have nuclear plants in their territory with a referendum. After the tragedy of Chernobyl. A journalist would inform people about the money they’re going to spend in nuclear energy when they could use it to develop clean energies. About what could happen if we don’t hurry up about ecologically sustainable progress. A journalist would dig in the economic interests that stand behind the decision to bet on nuclear (again).
If pros exist, a journalist would inform people about them. But not without saying all that’s bad about nuclear. But they would never say nuclear power respects the environment! What about the waste disposal?

What will an italian journalist do? Make us think we’re in a fairy world, where (with a bit of fancy) everyone is happy and everything is good.


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Italy is done. Just answer this?

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  • 1. romebigbrother  |  May 31, 2008 at 7:49 am

    the regime press is not only in italy. can you imagine that aiea and oms declared that the official balance of human loss in chernobyl is much smaller then expected. 34 people of the military forces of fireman and only 4.000 killed by cancer in so far.
    Despite the fact that this report has been criticized by greenpeace i made a research on my own that gave interesting results.
    i will publish a post soon on my blog with the full story as i undestood from my little but interesting research.
    just a small note. levels of radiocrivity were very high and expanded to the whole world almost.
    Immediately after the explosion almost nothing was done, noone had proper defensive dress. Only after two day an enormous amount of people was moved from the closest area.
    10.000 soldiers have been used for the help and for the fight to avoid further contaminations or the explosion of the others reactors.
    Aiea and Oms (wich should care about our health) have a agreement that do not permit to oms to criticize aiea.
    There are dozens of tv images with all this helpers working without any defense in the contaminated area.
    They want us to believe that only 34 of them died.
    keep going


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